Day 13 – Your Commute To/From Work/School

Believe it or not, on first glance, this particular 30 Day Blogging list seemed to be the most interesting one.  However, I’m finding this as another boring question.

I actually just typed several paragraphs bitching about my underemployment status and how I’m nowhere close to where I want in any kind of career plan.  But I deleted it.  Because it’s boring, and no one wants to listen to me bitch.

If I’m going to bitch, it’s going to be about something worthwhile, and not self-pity.

Although I do tend to drown myself in self-pity every once in awhile.  It’s an Aquarian attribute.


Soooooooo my commute.

It’s a little longer than most people around here would like.

See, I grew up in the country, and you had to drive at least fifteen minutes to get to the grocery store, or a pizza, or a gas station.  Over thirty minutes to go to a mall or a decent theater.  A bit of a drive was not a big deal to me.

Then I moved to St. Louis years later, and it takes 45 minutes to get ANYWHERE in that city.  Traffic is terrible.  There are four or five major roads going East/West in the STL area, and only one that goes straight North/South.  Seriously.  Look at a map.

So then I move here, and wind up in the country, and it’s about a 40 minute drive to downtown Nashville.  I think this is an awesome commute.  No one in the area agrees with me.  If it’s more than ten minutes away, Nashvillians start to whine.  I was at work one day, and a co-worker was whining he had to go to the bank ALL THE WAY ACROSS TOWN.  I was like, “Dude.  It’s fifteen minutes away.”  I got a rude glance in the middle of a short pause, and then his whining commenced.  No one liked me at that job.  The place is closed now.

Oh wow, I did wind up with some bitching about former jobs thrown in here.  I think this Pisces New Moon is making me cranky.

See you at Day 14.


  1. For what it’s worth, I think it is quite heroic of you to be fulfilling this challenge so diligently and conscientiously. I think I would’ve said ‘frack this’ after reading the trigger sentences and not even committed. Then again, I’m obsessively precious about my time, so if I’m going to bother writing anything at all in addition to what I do for work, I suppose it stands to reason that I will be rather selective about it.


    1. It has something to do with my OCD. Once I start something, I really like finishing it. This is supposed to be set up to do once a day as well, so I think the bullshit questions are just easy throw-aways so you can type a short blog and get that day over with.

      Thank you for the kind words!


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