Starting a 30 Day Blogging Challenge!

Or 28 day, or whatever.

Look, I LOVE to write.

LOVE LOVE LOVE to write and create and be creative . . .

and goddammit it if it doesn’t suck to try to pay the bills on such an endeavor.

I’ve spent my ENTIRE life trying to rectify the creative side of my brain and the “real world.”

The creative side of my brain would much rather invent NEW worlds. NEW ideas. Or at the very least, reimagine old ideas and old concepts in NEW ways.

However the creative side of my brain also likes to eat. And have electricity. And buy cat food and dog food.

So “real” jobs take over, and feeding the pets takes over, and helping my 80+ year-old parents with whatever necessary task/problem/troubles they’re having that day.

Although this morning I have a teensy bit of respite because my dad is pissed at me. HUNG UP ON ME YESTERDAY CAN YOU BELIEVE IT?!?!?

Hey Siri, how do you spell respite?
“Respite. R-E-S-P-I-T-E.”

Huh. It DOES have an “e” at the end. Even though that would make it a long “i” sound like resp-eyet.


See, I’m currently in love with James Blackwood, the Raccoon Whisperer. He’s this retired gentleman up in Nova Scotia who feeds raccoons on his back deck. Years ago his wife rescued a raccoon that had been hit by a car and nursed it back to health. The raccoon kept coming back to visit, she’d feed him, and soon he started bringing friends. When she died, she asked James to please keep feeding the raccoons, and take care of their cats. He has dutifully done this, and posts videos on YouTube.

🖤 James Blackwood and his raccoons 🖤

He went viral back in November, and that’s when I learned about him. His delightful demeanor and kind heart combines with a practicality and matter-of-factness that is just a wonderful combination to watch.

He explains to his viewers how he freezes the hotdogs, then thaws them out in the sink, then cuts them in half to feed the raccoons. Sometimes he feeds grapes, or leftovers, or sandwich cookies – which are my favorite to watch the raccoons eat, because they break them open and EAT THE MIDDLE FIRST. ♥️ He’s had new carpet installed in his basement, and took his viewers through the whole process. . . taking down the curtains and moving the furniture and how his cat was upset because the furniture was moved around and that’s where he (she? I forget if it was Conner or Charlotte) sleeps.

He filmed Conner watching a bird video and got over 20,000 views on it so far.

🐾 Conner Cat is a handsome boy. 🐾

For months now, I’ve watched this senior citizen in Nova Scotia feed raccoons, talk to his cats, recarpet his basement, operate a new snowblower,

❄️ James Blackwood, Snow Blower Whisperer ❄️

play music,

🎶 🎶 🎶 🎶

you get the idea.

Conner got out a few weeks ago, and thousands of us waited and watched, hoping the kitty would return safely. He did. James was happy. We were happy.

And that’s the point! This retired Royal Canadian Mounted Police officer shares his life and his raccoons with the world, and we love him for it.

Well, I love him for it.

He reminds me of my dad.

Minus the stubbornness.

Although I’ll bet it’s there.

I wonder if he would hang up on his daughter when she bought him two housekeeping sessions for a Father’s Day present because her mom has been in a nursing home for over a year and he’s still trying to maintain a freaking four bedroom house and a one acre yard to the standards she did for years and years?

Stubborn. Sigh.

He knows I’m right.

My dad, not James Blackwood.

He knows he can’t keep doing it.

But he’s honoring my mother by insisting on doing it.

Even though I’m positive she will side with me on this one.

If she’s having a good cognition day.

Looks like James Blackwood has children and grandchildren.

I’ll bet even the nice raccoon man has spats with his kids.

It’s what families do . . . fight, right?

I once worked for a really rich man in Nashville with a really young wife.
He once told me he and his wife never fought.
I felt super sorry for him.
He died years ago.
A month and a half later she had a new date to the Christmas party.


I’m blogging again.

Like, on a regular basis.

Because I have a lot of things to say.

Because my creative brain is angry with me for burying myself in mundane work-at-home job stuff, household stuff, and aging parental stuff.

Because my I-Know-I’m-Right brain is mad at my dad for blowing off my housekeeping present.

Even tough I’m well aware of his mentality and I understand why he’s mad at me.

Because if thousands of people tune in every night to see a glimpse into James Blackwood’s life . . .

maybe a couple of people would be interested in a glimpse into my life

and my brain.

So watch this space.

I’m going to find a 30 Day Blogging Challenge and tackle it.


If misery loves company, then triumph demands an audience.

– Brian Moore

I waver between the two.

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