Ms. X

Frustrated with origin stories where characters get superpowers in adolescence or are simply born with them, I wondered why I’d never seen a story featuring someone who mysteriously gets superpowers later in life. So I decided to write one.

No, you can’t purchase it yet . . . it’s almost published.

That’s me being optimistic. Someone light a candle for me that I find an agent. Have some in the works. Don’t have one nailed down yet. Like I said, light a candle or chant over a crystal, if that’s your thing. At the very least, send me some positive energy. Us creative types can use all we can get.

While you’re chanting, or lighting, or sending positive vibes (or all three), here’s the synopsis. And check out my awesome video promo below.

Raney Winter is a 38-year-old Gen Exer who wakes up one morning and discovers she can fly. No idea why or how, but she can fly! She’s already dealing with a dozen other real-life problems, now what in the hell is she supposed to do with this?!?!

Other characters in the book are . . .
Gabriel: Raney’s best friend from childhood
Dean: Gabriel’s long-term boyfriend
Clove: Gabriel’s little sister
Bernard: the group’s sidekick, mascot, and resident smart ass (he’s also a teddy bear)

This is not your typical superhero story. Think of it as Deadpool meets Wonder Woman. There’s swearing, violence, humor, science fiction, fantasy . . . something for everyone.

Except kids. This is not a book for children. The teddy bear has way too much attitude for that.


Ms. X – Book Trailer