Starting a 30 Day Blogging Challenge!

Or 28 day, or whatever. Look, I LOVE to write. LOVE LOVE LOVE to write and create and be creative . . . and goddammit it if it doesn’t suck to try to pay the bills on such an endeavor. I’ve spent my ENTIRE life trying to rectify the creative side of my brain and […]

11:11 PM

It’s 11:11 pm Sunday, May 16th 2021 The pandemic is over Or so they say Today Tonight I’m watching Lady Gaga videos on my MacBook Air And sad because I’ve forgotten the art of the music video All those hours watching MTV I prepared for this moment to drink too much wine on top of […]

The Spotlight

The spotlight hit me in the face.
It was warm, friendly even, not too red, not too green, not too yellow, just a pure light of unjudgmental being.

Today’s Inauguration – an email to my dad

The optimism – the hope – the military band – the imagery of all the flags on the the National Mall – Lady Gaga’s breathtaking performance – Garth Brooks asking everyone in person and at home to sing the last verse of Amazing Grace along with him . . .

But I found myself crying hardest when Kamala took her oath.

Hairspray and Sushi Rice – or How to Stress Buy in a Pandemic

  How does that curse go? May you live in interesting times. Boy howdy, they said it. Whoever said it – no one knows where the quote originated from. But two weeks ago if you’d told me I’d be in quarantine and blogging about my grocery store trip three days ago I’d . . . […]

I Stand With Watkins’ Students and Their Vote of No Confidence

I’d heard it was coming. Today the headlines hit. Belmont University to Absorb Watkins College of Art “Absorb.” Such a pathetic word to use for the closing of a 143-year-old art school. The only word more pathetic in this is “synergy.”  It’s about two-thirds of the way down the article.   I wasn’t surprised a […]

To the Kits of the World – My Take On the Unicorn Store

Spoilers for Unicorn Store on Netflix – proceed with glitter and caution.   Dear Kits,   You know who you are. Of course you do. The ones who never fit in. The artistic ones.  WEIRD.  Different.  Unique.  Non-conformists.  They have different names for us, but they damn sure can’t fit us in a box, (with […]

I Left Before the Cherry Trees Did

I love Boston. I miss Nashville. I can say these two things at once. It’s possible to look forward and behind at the same time. . . Although the better thing is to stay in the present. But I don’t do that very well. And the present is homesick. Not homesick for whatever Nashville became. […]

One Paycheck Away From Homelessness

I have a reporter friend . . . well, more of an acquaintance, but if I saw him in public I’d say hello and probably ask if he wanted to grab a cup of coffee if he wasn’t busy at the moment.  Anyway, I know this reporter who writes about the community here in Nashville […]


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