The Last Song I Wrote in Nashville

by Marti Kole

Run the bath
Light the match
This part of my life is through
Planned my days
in bullet points
Now it’s all brand new
but I long for my dream
I guess things aren’t always what they seem
And I
need to say

I’d like to think
I’m not naive
I know situations change
City lights
Still shine bright
Lost her heart, but kept her name
and I long for the time
I stood on Broadway, eyes were wide
and I remember years ago
watching music through the windows

Pirate ships wait on the east horizon
Jump on board, aim for high seas
This is just a brand new chapter
In my autobiography

My brain is always happy
Where my heart can still create
I will still be scatterbrained
I will still always run late
I will still love super-fiercely
Always stand up for what’s right

I’ll just do it
under a different

Bags are packed
Empty bath
No more candles to burn down
There’s a road
and a car
and a path out of this town
and I will cherish the time
I thought I knew what would be mine
I will learn to let go
head squarely toward the unknown

Sweet city
I used to know
Sweet city
I love so
Sweet city