Day 2 – Your earliest memory

It just dawned on me that I should be putting the subject of the post in the title.  That makes sense, doesn’t it?  Ok.  Starting today I’ll do that.  Or maybe I’ll update the other post too.  It’s only one post, so that won’t hurt anything.


So my earliest memory.  That’s easy.  In fact, I think I’ve typed this up before for a class or something sometime ago.  I even did a search on my computer but didn’t find anything.  Anyway, my earliest memory is actually of a dream.

I remember laying in my crib, happy as can be.  I had all my stuffed animals around me.  Then I closed my eyes, opened them again, and they were gone.  I looked around frantically, and saw them on the bed.  I was crying and crying because I didn’t want them on the bed.  I wanted them in the crib with me.  But I had no way to get to them.  I remember my mother coming in and leaning over the crib, and I was trying to tell her why I was crying, but I didn’t have the communication skills and I was so upset.

I finally went back to sleep, and I dreamed the stuffed animals were back around me.  But to my little baby brain, I thought I had closed my eyes and opened them and they were back in the crib!  Magic!  I was very happy.  Until I closed my eyes again and opened them (AKA woke up) and they were gone again.  I remember being very confused.  And very sad they were gone.


I told my mother about this dream years and years later, and she said that she never left any stuffed animals in the crib with me when I slept for fear I would accidentally suffocate myself.  But she might have left them in there until I fell asleep.  So I’m going to trust my baby memory and say that this is the first memory I ever had.


See you at Day 3!

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