Day 18 – Your Favorite Color and Why

What is it with these “and why” additions to this 30 Day Blogging Challenge?!?!?!?  I’m getting that they’re trying to come up with more open-ended question to facilitate a longer blog than one word, but seriously . . . why is my favorite color purple?!??!

I haven’t the foggiest.  It just is.

Purple is passionate.
purple passion

Purple is powerful.
purple power

Purple is majestic.
purple majestic

Purple is mysterious.
mysterious purple

Purple is somber.
purple somber

Purple is reflective.
purple reflective

Purple is interesting.
interesting purple

Purple is fun.
purple fun

Purple is the last color in a rainbow.
rainbow purple

Purple is beautiful.
beautiful purple



I remember as a child, being asked what my favorite color was, and I made that decision much like I subconsciously make every aesthetic decision.  I line up all my options and pick the most unusual one.  In this case, I saw purple as the most unusual color, so I picked it.

I later learned that purple is my birthstone, and the violet is February’s flower.  Loving symbols, even as a child, I solidified purple as my favorite color.

As I grew up, I think I dabbled with red and even yellow as a favorite color, but I always came back to purple.  Red is my second favorite color, and my hair color of choice – I’ve gone every shade of red imaginable.  I painted my bedroom walls red once in an attempt to feng shui romance into my realm of existence.  (Side note – it didn’t work.  I had to change other energies in myself for that to happen.  That bedroom is now the office, but the red walls are cool in here.) I have always painted a room in my house or apartment purple. This house has gone through two (soon to be three) different shades of purple bedrooms.

The only reason purple is not the featured color in this blog design is because it was not one of the options in the template.  Seriously.  Sole reason.  I loved this template, but cannot modify the colors without subscribing to the upgrade, and I’m already soon going to update the URL to a custom one.  As an unpaid writer, I have to pick and chose my subscriptions.  Purple font is not in the cards at the moment.  And teal/aqua/blue-green/whatever-color-this-is is not a bad choice.

So anyway, purple.  There ya go.  See ya at Day 18.

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