11:11 PM

It’s 11:11 pm

Sunday, May 16th 2021

The pandemic is over

Or so they say



I’m watching Lady Gaga videos on my MacBook Air

And sad

because I’ve forgotten the art of the music video

All those hours watching MTV

I prepared

for this moment

to drink too much wine

on top of an edible

to watch Lady Gaga


and wonder what happened to my fucking life

Maybe I can still be famous

Maybe there’s still time

Gaga sounds optimistic

Or maybe she’s just in a major key

And piano is upbeat

But I’m certainly having fun

On a Sunday night

at 11:14 PM

listening to Lady Gaga videos

and drinking too much wine

on top of an edible

And I will be famous


And piano is upbeat

and I’m having fun

at 11:21

because it rhymes better than



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