The Protection of Mars

Hello, weary traveler. Thank you for taking a break from the battles you’re currently facing, and stopping by my little corner of the internet today. Tonight. Whenever you’re reading this.

You’re in the bathroom, aren’t you?


I’ll make it quick, then.

Life has been . . . CHALLENGING for a lot of us lately, and the trauma and grief of . . .

*gestures wildly*

has attacked our stability, our sanity, and frankly, our society.

It’s 100% understandable that many of us feel attacked on all sides. Some of us more than others, admittedly, but we all could use a good protection spell right now.

Yes, it’s Halloween, but I’m not talking about the kind of spell with witches around a caldron.

Although, feel free to use a caldron if you’d like. A search for “caldron” on Etsy shows over 5,000 results. I got mine in Salem, because – seriously. How cool is that?!?!??!


Ok, like three people read this blog, and all of them know I practice Wicca, but once I had an aunt stumble across my writing and she was SHOCKED at my language and some of my risqué topics, so I like to put disclaimers and information for the haters.

Cuz I know you’re out there. 🤨

Over 2 million people practice Wicca, and that number continues to grow. I’m no expert, but I can tell you a basic idea from what I’ve learned over the past few years I’ve practiced Wicca. At its roots, Wicca, like any religion – has levels of knowledge and levels of practice. In Wicca, a “spell” is simply a way to direct an intent or an emotion. Like prayer. And like prayer, you can use a nifty one someone else wrote, or come up with your own. I like lighting candles to song lyrics. One time I was putting healing intent out there for a very sick family member, and my Pandora station kept circling around to perfect songs, so a three minute spell turned into a fifteen-minute spell. She did fabulous after the surgery the next day. What I’m trying to say is there are no rules, and a spell can evolve – even while you’re performing it.

What I can also say with absolutely certainty, is that – like prayer – it is never a good idea to put negative intent out there. Some witches will say if you “curse” someone the negative energy will transfer to you three-fold. While I’m not sure I believe that, I do know that anything done in a spirit of negativity draws in negativity. The Law of Attraction and basic Positive Psychology both teach that. So any spell you do, I encourage you to do it with love and kindness.

I wanted to share with you a spell I stumbled across in a cool book called:
1001 Spells: The Complete Book of Spells for Every Purpose.

Isn’t the cover super-pretty?

A fellow witch gave me this book, but you can purchase it online, I also saw it at Target, and currently it’s available at Spirit Halloween stories.

The spell is called The Protection of Mars.

Mars is a physically fiery planet, and in astrology, has to do with strength, energy, action, and desire. The God of Mars was a warrior, so it’s natural that it also stands as a symbol for survival.

Mars also begets some pretty cool names. Like MARti. 😁

So this is a nifty spell to protect yourself, and repel negative energy and people. Coworker always stealing your lunch? Tape this to your desk drawer. Irritating neighbors always letting their dog do his business in your yard? Post this on a tree. Worried someone will steal your purse? Fold these words up and tuck it inside.

I created this sign during the pandemic to protect my husband and I from several external stressors. We were bringing these stressors home with us, and we no longer felt our home was happy and comfortable. My husband and I posted these on each door, and hung a few around the house to remind us that only positive energy was welcome in our home. Our upstairs neighbor liked it so much she asked for copies, and hung the message on her doors as well.

A few disclaimers, because I feel some things need to be disclaimed.

  1. Do not arm yourself with this and walk across a dangerous area of town. Prayer is not a sold shield, neither is a spell.
  2. This is not the full spell as written in the book. It is a part of the spell.
  3. You don’t have to print this out as I created it. Use your own symbols, add color, change the words – make it you own if you’d like.
  4. If someone is genuinely after you – if you do not feel safe for any reason – please reach out.

    988 . . . Suicide and Crisis Lifeline
    800-656-4673 . . . National Sexual Assault Hotline

    800-799-7233 . . . National Domestic Violence Hotline

Side note, if you’re curious about the cool and powerful graphic here, it is not from the book. I asked my coven (my husband and I belong to an informal online coven . . . it’s mostly memes and crystal discussions in a private Facebook Group 🔮) if they had any suggestions, and one of our members who’s a long-time Wiccan sent me this graphic. Its symbolism draws from the Seal of Solomon, the fire symbol in alchemy, and three is a powerful symbol of stability in many religions and ideologies. I also liked the fire connection to Mars.

There are many symbols you can use for protection on household doors. As time went on and life got more stressful, we also added bible verses and poems to our doors. We currently have a witch’s broom and dried rosemary over our door on the inside. I may or may not have purchased the broom at Spirit Halloween. We’re fans. 🎃

What do you guys do for spiritual home protection? What are your favorite spells? Where my witches at?

A very Happy Halloween and Samhain, and I wish you the protection of Mars.

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