Dark Flight of Stairs

Anyone ever walk down a dark flight of stairs in an old house
and suddenly you’re whisked away to a warm spring night,
sitting giggling on the top of the stairs in an old house with your friend Becca,
leaning forward as far as you can to try and catch a glimpse of the movie on the tv behind two heads
without falling down the stairs,
catching your friend with an arm as she tips too far forward, giggling again as she repays your kindness by grabbing the back of your pajamas so you won’t pitch down the stairs,
and both of you getting caught when you shriek at a jump scare
and sent back to bed because “YOU ARE NOT OLD enough HOW MANY TIMES DO WE HAVE TO TELL YOU”
even though EVERYONE ELSE has seen it
PG-13 or not
and that age seems a lifetime away . . .
and it is
was . . .


Just me, then.

*sighs wistfully and continues down the stairs*

Gremlin facing camera and grinning

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