Day 7 – What Tattoos You Have and If They Have Meaning

All of my tattoos I got on my birthday, and all of them have hearts in them because my birthday is on Valentine’s Day.  I decided I wanted images that decorated my body, instead of pictures on my body.  So they are all black line tattoos with no shading or color.


Back Right Shoulder – A small heart with a little crescent moon inside.  This was my first tattoo.  I liked the design, but thought it was too big, and I didn’t like the swirl inside – I thought it looked like a boob.  I asked the artist if he could shrink the image and change the swirl.  The first drawing he did was identical to the image on the wall.  I was irritated, but politely repeated the changes I wanted.  He was clearly annoyed, and I quipped – “Yeah, it’s not like it’s permanent or anything.”  He doubled back, not sure if I was joking.  The second time the image was perfect, and I got my first tattoo.


Lower Back – A tribal band with a heart in the middle.  This was two tattoos in one.  I pointed to two on the wall and the artist meshed them together for me.  I forgot to tell him I was allergic to latex, so he wore gloves and I had a horrible reaction.  I spent a week sleeping on the futon, propped up at an angle so my shoulder blades and butt were in the crease of the futon and my back wsn’t touching anything.  Still, the tattoo healed nicely, and I love it.  I despise the hatred these tattoos have surrounding them, and proudly embrace the “tramp stamp” title.
I tried taking a picture of this.  I couldn’t successfully take a selfie of my tramp stamp, sorry.

Inner Right Wrist – Four hearts in a circular scrolled pattern.  The last tattoo hurt so badly with the reaction and all, I swore I’d never get another tattoo.  That changed five years later when I pulled myself out of The Dark Times.  Technically, I think I was still in The Dark Times when I got the tattoo, but I wanted something to prove that I was different.  That I had survived something.  A before and after period in my life.  Today, people get a semi-colon tattoo.  This one is my semi-colon.  I had worn a bunch of temporary tattoos for a gothic fairy Halloween costume the year before, and liked the tattoo I put on that wrist.  I described it to the artist, who drew me something even cooler.  When I went to get the work done, he put a bench off to the side with magazines and things to keep me distracted.  I asked what he was doing, and he said it was I was turned away from what he was doing.  “But I wanna watch!”  I exclaimed.  “My other tattoos are on my back – I couldn’t see them being done.”
He looked at me, bewildered, stating, “I have full-grown men who don’t want to watch.”
I insisted, and I watched.  It was horrifying and fascinating all at the same time.  I was actually supposed to go back and get some touch-up work done because it swelled so badly he was afraid the lines would have white in them – and he was right.  It’s not terribly noticeable, and I’ll probably get it fixed one day.  I love this tattoo.  It’s a strong symbol of hope and strength for me, and I love the fact the artist designed it only for me.  Plus, it’s the only one of my tattoos I can see.

182010_1838143351028_1179834_n 180645_1838143511032_967802_n


Back Of Neck – Three words that are musical terms: vivace – affettuoso – con cuore.  They mean – lively – with great emotion – with heart.  I’m pushing the “con cuore” term . . . it’s not really a musical term, but it would work as one, and I had to have a heart in there.  I thought about adding a heart image, but I didn’t like that idea.  This tattoo I designed myself.


Marti Ryan tattoo 21622559_10202987955237534_1280339005_o



Inner Left Arm – Life Imitates Art.  This will be my latest tattoo – I haven’t gotten it yet.  But it’s the plan for my next birthday.  This is one of my favorite quotes.  It’s actually spray-painted on my dining room wall.  Yes, I spray painted it, and yes it’s really there.  I haven’t decided what font to get yet.  I guess I could get this graffiti effect done.  Hmmmm.  That’s an idea.  I’ll let you know.

Life Imitates Art


So there ya go – four tattoos with a fifth in the works.  They are addictive little suckers.  Love the trend.  Would’ve never thought I’d be a fan of tattoos, but I love the wild, the weird, and the artistic.  Tattoos definitely fit the bill.


See ya at Day 8.


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