Day 8 – A book you love and one you didn’t


A book I love:



There are so many things I love about The Hitchhiker’s Guide To the Galaxy.  I love the story.  I love the humor.  I love the characters.  I love the sarcasm.  I love the in-jokes.  When the movie came out in 2005, I was so excited.  I remember sitting in a quiet theater, eagerly waiting for the movie to start.  In a burst of enthusiasm, I shouted, “42!!!” raising my fists to the ceiling.  From the back row came a man’s voice, “ALL HAIL ZAPHOD BEEBLEBROX!!”  I turned around with a “YEEEA!!!” to which he answered, “YEEEA!!!”  The whole audience looked us like we were idiots.  Loved it.



A book I didn’t love:


These are my future husband’s favorite books, by his favorite author.  He encouraged me to read this particular one because there’s a tv show coming up soon based on the book.  I don’t really do the fantasy genre, but I decided to give it a go.  I’m not done yet, but I’m on like Chapter Seven and just now met the damn main protagonist of the whole book.  It’s slow going, I don’t much care for the plot or the characters, but I’m going to muddle through in the hopes:
A)  I actually start to like it
B)  I can figure out why Chad likes it
C)  I can hurry up and read something else


See you on Day 9.


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