Day 10 – A Fruit You Dislike and Why

So I’ve decided to continue with my 30 Day Writing Challenge.

However, Day 10 is stupid as hell.



Ok, well, I don’t like mangoes.

But as far as WHY?!??!?  How is that something to write about?!??!


When I was in the first grade, a mango knocked me to the ground and stole my lunch money.

SERIOUSLY!?!??!  What kind of a question is this?

I decided to Google and see if anyone else has done this question.  I came up with a whopping 347 results.  (I’m guessing 348 after this post is published.)  The first result is a broken link.  The second one the blogger dislikes coconut.  Well played, blogger.  I too dislike coconut.  I like coconut flavored things, but not actually coconut in things.  The texture.  Blech.

Third result takes forever to get to the subject of the post (it’s grapefruit) and they misuse the grammar of the word “its.”

Fourth result – blogger also hates grapefruit.  Hmph.  I kinda like grapefruit.  Used to eat it with sugar on it in the morning as a kid.

Fifth blogger – bananas.  Sixth blogger – son of a bitch, it’s grapefruit again.  Seventh – coconut, followed by an expert from some erotic fiction they’re writing.


Moving on . . .

Eight – lemons
Nine – papya
Ten – rockmelon . . . or cantaloupe to us American blokes.  Yes.  I can totally get on board with this one.  I really hate cantaloupe as well.  Maybe more than mango.  Because I can eat something that has mango IN it . . .such as a sushi roll – they always seem to put mango in the fancy rolls – but I’m not crazy about anything with cantaloupe in it.

Ok, cantaloupe.  I’m changing.  There.

See you at Day 11.


  1. Lol I haven’t read your last blog yet, it’s just been too freaking hectic in my world lately. (I shit you not.) See, this is why I prefer not to have ‘day’ jobs: I always find myself starting work at 0300 to hit some deadline or photographing fkn candles at equally stupid hours.

    But anyway, to get back on topic: I totally lol’ed when I read the subject. I immediately heard Bob Gelodof singing, “Tell me why! I don’t like mangoes?” And the whole “there are no reasons” thing… anyway, thanks for this post, it was a lot of fun to read, and I think you’ve done extremely well with such bizarre subject matter.

    I was actually going to enter a short story comp at one point with a very attractive prize pool, but the supplied sentence you had to open with was so butt-fugly stupid (and went utterly nowhere) that I just turned away in disgust.


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