Day 11 – Your current relationship. (Part One)


Well . . .

I just posted three blogs about my recent wedding.  So I’m guessing that counts as my current relationship.

How about if I tell you about our second date?

Sure, the first date was fun, and it almost didn’t happen because of a cell phone screw-up . . .

OK FINE.  I’ll tell you about our first two dates.


Date #1

It took a couple of weeks after we connected on a dating site (yes, I found my husband on a dating site.  Did you know that relationships that began on a dating site report higher marital satisfaction and have lower rates of divorce?) before we met in real life.  I was very sick – had been taken to the ER with heart attack symptoms that was later diagnosed as costochondritis – inflammation of the cartilage in my ribcage.  Breathing was a challenge, much less dating.  After a couple of weeks of emails and text messages, I felt strong enough to venture out and we planned to meet at the mall.  The plan was to meet at Bass Pro Shops.  I thought that was a strange place to meet, but we had to meet somewhere and that’s what he suggested.

So I set out that day, a little surprised that I hadn’t heard from him in over 24 hours because we’d been texting a lot.  I decided he probably wanted to make the mystery of meeting in person a little deeper, so I didn’t text him.  As I was driving, I was thinking about his pictures online and how handsome he was.  He had two outfits in the photos – one was jeans and a black leather jacket, and the other he was wearing corduroy pants and a blazer, with a knitted striped scarf around his neck.  (That I learned later he knitted himself because of course he did.)  He was smoking a pipe in those photos.  I loved the corduroy look, (made him look all smart and college professor-ish) and I was wondering what he’d be wearing for our first date.

I had a negative thought then, and scowled.  “He’ll probably be wearing a hoodie and a stupid ball cap,” I grumbled.  Then I sat up straight and shook my head.  “No – NO.  That’s a negative thought.”  I was really being proactive about incorporating the Law of Attraction daily back then, and I’d often identify it before I’d correct it.  “I want to think positive thoughts,” I said out loud.  “He’ll look exactly like he does in his profile picture.”  That thought felt good, so I repeated it like a mantra as I drove to the mall.

When I pulled in the parking lot, I got a text from Chad.  “I’m here – at the aquarium.”  The aquarium?!?  I thought we were meeting at Bass Pro Shops.  The Aquarium Restaurant was clear around the other side of the mall.  I texted back, “Oh!  Sorry.  I’m at Bass Pro Shops.  Lemme drive around to the other side of the mall.  Be right there.”

No answer.

I drove around and parked at the Aquarium, texting again – “Sorry.  Just now parked.  Are you still there?”

No answer.

I started to get out of the car, then decided to double-check that he was there.  I called him.

No answer.

I left a message.


Still debating about getting out of the car, I stared at my phone as if that would help.

Suddenly, it exploded with text messages – BLEEP!  BLEEP!  BLEEP!!  BLEEEP!!!

“Looking forward to our date this afternoon.  See you then!
“I’m here – a little early.
“Are you here?
“I’m here at the aquarium.
“The aquarium at Bass Pro Shops.
“OMG my phone was messed up and I wasn’t getting text messages!  I don’t know if you’ve gotten any of these!!  I just rebooted my phone and suddenly there are all these messages from you.  I’m sorry!  Are you still here?”

I grinned and answered.

“Still here.  I got the aquarium text, so I’m at the Aquarium Restaurant.  Stay there – I’ll be right over.”  I’d forgotten there was an aquarium inside Bass Pro Shops.  I drove back around to the other side of the mall, parked, went in, still chanting my mantra.  “He’ll look exactly like he does in his profile picture.  He’ll look exactly like he does in his profile picture.”  I walked over to the man standing watching the fish at the aquarium.  He turned around.  I gaped at him.  The first words to my future husband were, “DID YOU DO THAT ON PURPOSE???”

He looked slightly baffled.

I gestured up and down.  “You’re wearing the exact same thing you wore in your profile picture on OK Cupid.”

He smiled.

I liked him immediately and loved him shortly after.

And that, my friends – is how the Law of Attraction Works.


Dammit.  That’s a perfect place to end this blog.  But I really wanted to tell you about my second date.

Ok.  Fine.  I’ll do a part two to this one.  See you in a few days . . . .



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