Day 11 – Your current relationship. (Part Two)

And welcome to Day Two.

So I just typed that, and suddenly realized it reminded me of a quote from a movie or a tv show or something where the guy said, “. . . and welcome to Day Six.”  Or something like that.  And it was funny, and it was from something I liked, and I couldn’t remember what it was from for the life of it, and I couldn’t google it because I couldn’t remember what day it was that the quote said specifically . . .

So I just spent a significant amount of time googling this.  Finally googled “and welcome to day” and it actually popped up right on top.

The 12 Days of Christmas by the McKenzie brothers in the movie Strange Brew.

“And welcome to Day Twelve”  one of the brothers says, and the background singers keep going and totally ignore him.  Funny stuff.

However, googling random shit like this is why I don’t get many things written.  Although I believe distraction is an important part of writing.



What was I talking about?

Oh yeah.  My second date with my husband.  It’s one of my favorite dates I’ve ever been on.

Date #2

It had been a few days since our first date, and Chad and I had been texting/emailing/chatting by phone a lot.  He wanted to get together, but I didn’t feel up to driving all the way to Nashville or Murfreesboro (where he lived), because I was still recuperating from the costochondritis attack that landed me in the ER two weeks prior.  He offered to come to Lebanon, and my house wasn’t company-ready (especially not date company-ready), so I suggested going somewhere random to hang out.  However, the little town I live in does not have a lot of places to hang out.  So he started my direction and said he’d figure out something when he got to town.  He texted me shortly after he arrived.

Chad: I am in the great corporate dragon known as Wal-Mart.

Me: OH NO!  How horrible!  Find a boulder/random display of product to hide behind, and I shall take my vorpal blade in hand and come rescue you!


Little did I know, Alice in Wonderland is one of Chad’s favorite books, so I accidentally impressed him to all holy hell with that reference.

So I rescued him, and we decided not to hang out at the corporate dragon.  I suggested meandering over to Books A Million – still corporate, less dragon-ish, but far more interesting things to look at there.  So we did, and had a fantastic time looking at all the geeky stuff, and learning about each others’ likes and dislikes, and browsing books and chatting about all kinds of things that I love to chat about.  It was very relaxed, a lot of fun, and I thoroughly enjoyed just browsing and chatting and learning more about him.

It was the 25th Anniversary of Star Trek: The Next Generation, and the store had a big display in the middle of an aisle with all kinds of collectibles and books and such pertaining to ST:TNG, and the anniversary.  In the middle of the display was this.


Chad grabbed it and immediately started laughing.  He burst out with something along the lines of,
“OH MY GOD how hilarious is this?  I mean, an entire Pez dispenser set to commemorate 25 years of this show!  With all the characters, and even the Enterprise!  This is so funny, but so cool at the same time!  I mean, seriously . . . this is pop culture at its finest . . . ”

And so on and so forth.

I let him go on and on about how hilarious and simultaneously cool this piece of paraphernalia was for several minutes.  When he paused in his enthusiastic commentary and looked my direction for my opinion, I waited three full beats before coolly responding:

“I have that same Pez dispenser set, except mine is the special edition with Locutus of Borg instead of Dr. Beverly Crusher.”


He gaped at me, carefully set the Pez dispenser set back on the table, and threw his arms around me in a huge hug.  I thought he was going to give me our first kiss right there in the middle of the store.

He then took me to my favorite sushi restaurant that happened to be less than a block from Books A Million.  We sat and talked for hours.

The kiss came later that night.  ❤

I bought him the Pez dispenser set a few weeks later for his birthday.


See you at . . . no way!  Day Twelve!  HAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!!!




  1. It’s always a joy to read your posts, Marti. One of the maxims I remind myself of on a regular basis is, “Never let go of what you know to be magic.” Western society, generally speaking, foolishly throws down on intersections between the visible world, and the invisible world on which it is founded and which gives rise to it. I think such moments should be cherished and celebrated, and your active enthusiasm for the wonderful relationship you and Chad have created for yourselves is the epitome of such an idea. Thank you for sharing. ^_^


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