Day 27 – What you wore today

One of my favorite outfits.

  • Long hippie jeanskirt
  • blue v-neck shirt with a pattern on it
  • black flip-flops
  • Little heart keys and little lock earrings
  • Fake silver hoop nose ring because I haven’t gotten around to actually piercing my nose yet
  • black leather bracelets on left wrist – hearts and an elephant
  • beaded bracelets on right wrist – elephants and white and red beads
  • Two silver celtic rings and two small silver bands on right hand
    men's celtic rings310SaY2P1gL252382682rp0101011

  • Titanium/Moissanite wedding ring and snow quartz ring on left hand
    il_570xN.197872978 Love my wedding band – you must visit Rob and Lean’s shop on Etsy and check out their fabulous rings.
  • img-thing




How is this blog possibly interesting to anyone?
Oh well, I’m committed to finishing this 30 Day Blogging Challenge.

See you on Day 28.

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