Day 28 – The Word/Phrase You Use Constantly

Well, I already mention it in this blog, but my favorite word is “fuck.”  I love cursing.  It’s like audio punctuation.  I took up cursing in college, when my roommate and I decided to be rebellious, but neither one of us wanted to take up drinking, smoking, or drugs.  It took us awhile to get in the habit of cursing, so we’d make a point to throw in as many curse words as possible if we saw the need arise.  An example:

Me: *spilling drink in the middle of our tiny dorm room*  “Rats!”

Roomate: *stares disapprovingly*

Me: “Oh, right!  Shit!”

Roomate: *motions to keep going*

Me: *standing proudly* “SHIT GODAMN FUCK!!!”

Roomate: *high fives me*


This went on for some time until we both had languages that would challenge any sailor.  Actually, my former husband was in the Coast Guard – and admitted that I could outswear anyone he’d ever met.


Of course, my former husband is also a compulsive liar, so take anything he says with a grain of salt.  Unless he’s paying me a compliment, in which case, by all means – believe him.


Studies have actually proven that people who swear are more intelligent and creative.  Cursing is also a proven way to deflect pain, and can help form friendships and bonds with other people.  It’s often mis-stereotyped that people who curse just can’t come up with other ways to express themselves, but these studies show that people with a more *AHEM* colorful language have a larger vocabulary than those who express themselves in a more PG fashion.


I don’t know why I curse.  Maybe it’s to exert some amount of control over my life.

It’s my life and I’ll fucking curse if I want to!

Quite possibly I like the shock value because I look like an innocent little creature until I open my mouth.

Well, hello – how the fuck are you???

Perhaps it provides me with some confidence and surrounds the meaning to my oratory with strong words so I can prove that what I’m saying I mean.

Why, yes I do believe that idiot running for president is a fucking asshole, thanks for asking.

Maybe it’s just a way to release all the internalized anger I have built up so I don’t completely explode one day.

Holy shit, that fucking pisses me off!!!

Or maybe, just maybe . . . it’s just who I am . . . . and I never ever want to apologize for who I am.

Greetings!  My name is Marteen and I say “fuck” a lot.  It’s nice to meet you.


I’ll fucking see you on Day 29.



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