I Despise Bagpipes

This started out as a Facebook post, but I decided to post it over here instead.

So I’ve just started binge-watching a new show, and I’m obsessed with the theme song.

The music for the entire show is spectacular, and it’s composed by my favorite Hollywood composer, Bear McCreary.  A few years ago, I was fortunate enough to attend an intimate performance by Bear and his wife Reya (vocalist on this song), and I still count it as one of the highlights of my musical existence.

When I am obsessed with a piece of music, I put it on repeat mode and listen to it for days – weeks – sometimes months on end.  My poor husband can attest to this.  I try to use headphones.
It was on the second day of obsessing on this song that I realized with quite a jolt that it contains bagpipes. 😳


Recognizing these were not the “normal” bagpipes that I so loathe, I did some research and discovered they are Irish bagpipes.  Bear has a phenomenal blog and he goes into great detail about the bagpipes he uses for these themes and their historical relevance to the show’s time period.


Something about this song makes me weep.

I mean . . . seriously weep.


Yes, this week has been tough on us as a nation, but I was weeping before that.

This song stirs something primal in me.  Something from a past life, or something in my genetic memory . . . I was adopted at birth, and unaware of most of my heritage until well into my adulthood.  Turns out, a good chunk of my DNA . . . is Scottish.


Whatever this is, I continue to listen to this song, and continue to experience waves of sadness and longing for something I’m not supposed to have at the moment.

The bagpipes have a specific emotional quality of sadness and longing and hope all in the same sound.

So maybe . . .

whatever this is . . .

I’ll have it one day.



Sing me a song of a lass that is gone

Say, could that lass be I?



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