Day 15 -Three Pet Peeves

Ah.  Now here’s what I’m talking about.  A blog topic where I get to complain about something!

Wait, what?  No.  I try so hard to be positive, and then here the inner bitch comes out.

Blame the inner Aquarian.

So three pet peeves.  I can easily name my top one.

1) Muzak.

I actually just learned that “Muzak” became the name of a company specifically designed to produce and market Muzak to businesses.  I have not researched enough to see if this corporation is evil, such as other “M” corporations
but I am a little curious to see . . .

Ok.  Fine. Hang on a second, lemme go do the Google thing.

*Jeopardy music*
(NOT Jeopardy muzak, mind you)

Well lookie here.  Muzak went bankrupt and is now technically out of business.  Interesting.

But not part of my pet peeve.

Muzak is elevator music.  Actually, any background music in a business environment could be considered “muzak,” but I use it in the context of someone (usually this Muzak corporation – or what used to be the Muzak corporation) who has re-recorded someone else’s song in a smarmy instrumental arrangement designed to be somewhat familiar yet blend into the background and create ambiance to a business environment.

Or an elevator.


Personally, I prefer quiet elevators.  The second the doors close I start singing “Love in an Elevator.”  Yes I have done this with strangers on an elevator.  No I have not actually done the act of Love in an Elevator.

Anyway, if someone plays a song that’s been recorded for someone in a business environment, they have to pay fees for permission to use that music.  It is perfectly legal to record a song if it has already been recorded and distributed, as long as the appropriate fees are paid for doing so.  So the business uses the less popular recording for less money and the original artist gets left out of the deal, and people like me suffer to Spice Girls “If You Wanna Be My Lover” on flute with accompanying synthesized orchestra while shopping for a couch.

Seriously.  I left a job selling furniture because I couldn’t stand the Muzak anymore.  Sometimes that fucking Spice Girls song would rotate around two or three times a day.  That store is out of business now.  Most places I’ve worked are out of business now.  Note to business owners – don’t hire me.  Apparently, I’m bad luck.


2) Rude customer service.

This one requires no explanation.  If you are in a job that deals with the public, try your best to treat people across the counter/desk with respect.  I don’t care if you’re having a bad day.  Treating each and every person with kindness sprinkles kindness back in the world, and it gets back to you.  If I can keep a smile on my face while some worthless cunt yells at me while trying to return a shirt with no tag and no receipt THAT HAS A MUSTARD STAIN ON IT while calmly explaining to her two kids “Now this is how you treat customer service workers” . . . you can too.

Yes, that store is out of business now too.  Thanks for asking.

Seriously, though.  I think everyone should work retail or food service for at least three months.  People would be kinder to everyone.


3) Cat haters graphically informing me they hate cats.

“I love cats – they taste like chicken.”
“I love cats – they make a great skid mark on the road when you run over them.”
“I hate cats.  I once killed a cat when I was eleven.”

Yes, all of these things have been said to me after the person I was speaking to discovered I owned several cats.  The third one was actually a fellow college professor.  He proceeded to describe to me how he killed the cat.  After politely telling him twice, “You know, I don’t want to hear this,” I turned on my heel and walked off as he was telling the story.  The worst part (if there could BE a worst part) was we were in front of a classroom full of students at the time.

I get that not everyone is a cat person.  But doing this to people who are is just plain horrible.



So there ya go.  My three pet peeves.  Now in the spirit of Positive Psychology, I shall counteract these negatives with three positives.

Writer’s round at Douglas Corner, Nashville, TN.


Little girl holding Senator Bernie Sander’s finger and not wanting to let go.




See ya at Day 16.



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