Day 16 – Bullet Your Entire Day

  • Why am I awake?
  • Oh, hello sunshine.
  • Oh.  It’s my husband.  You’d think I’d get used to having someone sleeping by my side by now.
  • Gee, he’s handsome.  Man, I’m lucky.
  • Wonder what’s on FB?
  • Have to pee.
  • Oh, hello doggies.  You have to pee worse.  Ok.
  • Refill the water bowl for the critters.
  • NOW I can . . . oh, hello kitties.  You want breakfast.  Ok.
  • NOW I CAN . . . oh, hello doggies scratching on the back door.  Let me let you in.
  • Finally peeing and FBing simultaneously.  Why do I even bother putting magazines in the bathroom anymore?
  • Dining room table watching cows in the field across the street.  Grey kitty in my lap, handsome man to my right.
  • Luna Bar – Nuts Over Chocolate.  I have two cases of these because they’ve changed the recipe and I’m worried they’re never going to be the same.  Carnation changed the recipe for Carnation Breakfast Bars two decades ago and I have never recovered.
  • A moment of silence for Carnation Breakfast Bars.
  • Slight hiss towards the one Luna Bar I have purchased from their new recipe.  I shall only eat it when I am completely out of the old recipe.
  • Throw in a load of laundry.  Dump clean laundry on loveseat in living room.
  • Scowl at huge pile of laundry on loveseat, decide to fold it later.
  • Log into computer.
  • Forgot coffee mug – go to retrieve it.
  • Can’t find my glasses – go to retrieve them.
  • Have to pee again.  Dang coffee.
  • More FBing because I might have missed something.
  • Log into my blog and type a little.
  • Log into my book and type a little.
  • Imagine what my life would be like if I could make a living doing creative stuff.
  • Conclude my morning would most likely be the same.
  • Sign into my independent-contract-work-at-home-bullshit-job-that-is-far-from-creative.
  • Work.
  • Video text with my friends in between tasks that drop in my queue.  (We use an app called Glide.  Totally addicted.)
  • Send a positive affirmation to my BFF.  Just something I do for her daily.
  • Imagine again what my life would be like if I could make a living doing creative stuff.
  • Daydream about my dream house.
  • Text goofy romantic emojis to my husband who is either at work or school.
  • Walk around the house singing whatever earworm is stuck in my head.
  • Grin to myself if it’s something I’ve written and again wonder what my life would be like if I could make a living doing creative stuff.
  • Let the doggies outside.
  • Join them if it’s nice outside.  Sit on the deck and video text my friends.  Or FB.  Wave to the cows across the street and yell, “MOOOOOOOOO!” cheerfully at them.
  • Wonder if my neighbors heard me.
  • Wonder if my neighbors think I’m weird.
  • Conclude that I am weird, and they should know that by now.
  • Text husband and try to get him to bring home pizza/sushi/chinese/anything that does not require me cooking.
  • Follow up with cute emojis in hopes this works.
  • Return to crap-ass-independent-work-at-home-bullshit-job.  Continue to dream about writing music/books/anything freeing and fun for a living.
  • Feed the critters.  Crunchy food with fish oil for the dogs, crunchy food for two kitties, squishy food for the other three kitties because of health problems.  Kona sits on the stool in the kitchen yelling at me the whole time.  His “MEOW” sounds like “NOW” only he draws it into two syllables.  So I’m carefully scooping out three plates of cat food and adding canned pumpkin to each for hairballs while Kona’s sitting behind me yelling, “NOOOOO-OOOOW!!!!”
  • Place plates in three different rooms so no one else gets the squishy food but the kitties it’s intended for.
  • Clean kitchen to prepare human food if the husband vetoed take out for dinner.
  • Dig pajama pants out of pile of clean laundry on loveseat for the husband to put on when he gets home.
  • Kiss the husband when he gets home.  Listen to crankiness about his crap-ass underemployment retail job, or raving at how much he enjoys his graduate program – whichever applies to where he’s been.
  • Accept help from the husband to serve take out food or finish dinner.
  • Watch tv while eating dinner.  (Chad’s choice – not mine.  I hate eating and watching tv, but he loves it.)
  • Let doggies outside.
  • Refill water dish.
  • Spend rest of evening with Chad, or laundry, or writing music, or playing with critters, or reading, or playing games.
  • Soak in bathtub.  Perform skin care ritual.  Listen to Law of Attraction videos on YouTube.  Melody Fletcher and Abraham Hicks are my favs.
  • Let doggies outside for last call.
  • Perform nasal flush on Kona.  He gets saline solution flushed through his nose because of injuries he suffered from a coyote attack before I found him.  I saved his life.  This act in turn wound up saving mine.  Another blog for another time.
  • Let doggies inside for their treat they get after “last call.”
  • Brush teeth with something that looks like gunpowder.
  • Perform other bathroom nighttime rituals.
  • Kiss Frankie goodnight because the little doggie always waits outside the bathroom for me to do this every night.
  • Wish everyone goodnight as I walk past them to the bedroom.
  • Let Jethro in the hallway and lock him in with a pet gate because he pees in the dining room if I let him roam the household overnight.  Weird.  I know.
  • Snuggle next to the human I love more than anything.  Kiss him and remind him of this whether he is awake or sleeping.
  • Plug in my headphones and play games on my iPad until I fall asleep.
  • Dream crazy long detailed dreams.  Lucid dream for some of them.  Visit past lives, parallel universe lives, different situational lives, fantasy worlds and fictional worlds I’ve seen or read about.
  • Sleep deeply, confident even in slumber that my days of waking abruptly from constant nightmares are long behind me.


See you on Day 17.


  1. Wow. What a detailed and diverse account! I wouldn’t dare undertake something like this myself, unless I knew for sure nobody would ever read it, which of course defeats the purpose. I do far too much potentially compromising and confidential shit on an average day, not to mention all the counselling I offer and politics I deal with, and that’s even >before< getting around to censoring out anything that could be interpreted as sleazy…


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