Day 22 – Your Morning Routine

File this under 30 Day Blogging Topics I’m Not Crazy About.  I already bulleted my day over here.

FINE.  I’ll repeat the beginning bullets of the other blog, but I’m not happy about it.


  • Why am I awake?
  • Oh, hello sunshine.
  • Oh.  It’s my husband.  You’d think I’d get used to having someone sleeping by my side by now.
  • Gee, he’s handsome.  Man, I’m lucky.
  • Wonder what’s on FB?
  • Have to pee.
  • Oh, hello doggies.  You have to pee worse.  Ok.
  • Refill the water bowl for the critters.
  • NOW I can . . . oh, hello kitties.  You want breakfast.  Ok.
  • NOW I CAN . . . oh, hello doggies scratching on the back door.  Let me let you in.
  • Finally peeing and FBing simultaneously.  Why do I even bother putting magazines in the bathroom anymore?
  • Dining room table watching cows in the field across the street.  Grey kitty in my lap, handsome man to my right.
  • Luna Bar – Nuts Over Chocolate.  I have two cases of these because they’ve changed the recipe and I’m worried they’re never going to be the same.  Carnation changed the recipe for Carnation Breakfast Bars two decades ago and I have never recovered.
  • A moment of silence for Carnation Breakfast Bars.
  • Slight hiss towards the one Luna Bar I have purchased from their new recipe.  I shall only eat it when I am completely out of the old recipe.


Aaaaaaand that sums it up.

Side note, I am down to FOUR Luna bars before I have to eat the new recipe.  I am far from happy about this.

I feel like I haven’t blogged at all today, I’m posting a second blog this week to make up for it.  Also, I’m behind.  Been trying so hard to do a blog a week and that hasn’t happened.

See you at Day 23!


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