Day 21- Your Zodiac/Horoscope and whether you think it fits you

I constantly had my nose in a book when I was a kid.  I’d read before school, during school, after school, when I was supposed to be sleeping, when I was supposed to be studying . . . I’d even walk down the street while reading.  I loved learning about new things, meeting new people, and I loved loved loved stories.  Still do.

Naturally, the library was one of my favorite places.  The school library wasn’t too bad – there were lots and lots of books, and the librarians were friendly.  I think I read every book in that library twice.  There was a little row of thin grey books with funny little symbols on them.  (I made a brief effort to find these books online so I could post a picture.  It was unsuccessful.)  There were twelve books – one for each sign of the Zodiac.  I first checked out my sign . . . Aquarius . . . and loved how the book seemed to capture my personality traits and quirks.  I then checked out the rest of the books one at time and soon “What’s your sign?” became my standard greeting.

Let’s see what I can regurgitate about Aquariuses without a Google search.

Aquarians are loners.  We don’t have many friends, but we know a lot of people.  It takes a special person to crack our exterior wall and be called a friend.  We bruise easily – both inside and out.  We’re always looking for different ways to do things, because life bores us easily.  Aquarians are tree-hugging hippies.  We love saving things, including ourselves.  We’re friendly – but heaven help you if you piss us off.  We’re known to be smart . . . and smart-asses.


The Aquarius person is often called weird – people don’t know what to do with us.  We’re really very easy to take care of.  We like friendly, fantastic, eccentric things/people/critters/food/entertainment.  We want to be loved for our soul, respected for our kindness, and understood (or at least the effort made to be understood) for our creativity.  Don’t lie to us, don’t trivialize us, and don’t ignore us.  Scratch us behind the ear and tell us how great we are.  We’ll love you forever for it.


Getting a little weary of these 30 Day Blogging Challenge posts . . . I think I may step it up and post a bunch in a row.

See you at Day 22.  Which damn near may be tomorrow.

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