Day 20 – Put Your Music Player On Shuffle

Ok, the exact topic is “Put your music player on shuffle and write the first three songs that play and what your initial reaction is.”

Well, being that I’m still not completely in the 21st Century, and half of my music is on my computer and half of my music is still on CDs, my music shuffle isn’t going to be a good representation of my music collection.  Yes . . . I know . . . I’m working on ripping them all to my computer.  I have over 700 CDs, so it’s taking awhile.  Plus, I don’t have a lot of music on my iPhone at the moment.  Just a few things I’ve downloaded recently that I really like.  So everything I shuffle through is going to be something I really like and is super-current.  Which is ok, I’m just giving a disclaimer before I write the rest of this post.


  1. Beast by Nico Vega
    This is my current go-to song.  I have songs that I put on repeat mode and leave it there for sometimes hours.  I finally recognized this behavior as a coping mechanism, and while it soothes me, it drives my husband crazy.  Fortunately that’s what earphones are for.
  2. I love video games, but haven’t played a whole lot of different titles because I become obsessed with one game at a time and play it ad nauseam until I’m tired of it.  The other night, I wanted to play something new, so I started rummaging through the Xbox games.  Loving Bioshock, I almost started Bioshock 2, but I really really liked the graphics of Bioshock 3 (Infinite) when Chad played it.  He always told me I could skip 2 and go straight to 3, so I went against my OCD nature and went for Infinite.  Twenty seconds into the loading screen noises, and Chad popped his head out of his man cave in interest.  🙂  It’s one of his favorite games – if not his top favorite.
  3. So I’m loving the game so far – its lack of maps is driving me a little crazy because I depend so heavily on the dumb things, but it’s forcing me to be more aware of my surroundings and immerse in the game a bit more, so I like that.  I also like the supporting character, Elizabeth.  She’s less of a damsel in distress, and more of a spitfire-sharp-wit-super-intelligent girl who helps out the main character without firing a gun herself.  She recently clubbed my character over the head and knocked me out because she was pissed I lied to her.  Go girl.  Anyway, I loaded the game the other night and walked off to get something to drink before I started it, and the trailer played.  This amazing song featured in the trailer, and I was so enamored with the song I immediately downloaded the whole EP it was on.
  4. Ok.  So I cheated a little.  That first song was already up when I clicked music on my iPhone.  But technically, I followed the rules and it was the first song that played – because it was already up and ready because I had it on repeat mode.  My blog, and I have to have a little bit of control, k?  K.  So moving on, I’m now hitting the next button and I swear I’ll write about the next song that pops up.  Oh whoops.  That’s Beast again.  Ok, repeat mode off . . . whoops that’s not shuffle.  Ok, it’s not shuffling.  Stupid Mercury Retrograde.  Click out of Music, clear all other apps, reload music, start again with Beast, and . . . . Nice.  Another go-to song.  Out of the Woods by Taylor Swift.
  5. I love Taylor Swift.  I love heartbreak songs.  She just keeps cranking them out.  I love her new foray into pop music.  I love that she writes all her own shit.  I love that she nails the most catchy hooks.  To quote one of my friends who hates her, “Dammit, why does that girl write such catchy hooks?!??!”  I love her professional attitude, and her devotion and appreciation to her fans.  I saw an interview with her once – I tried to look it up so I could quote it directly, but the girl has SO DAMN MANY INTERVIEWS I can’t find this specific one.  I remember the interviewer talking about Lindsay Lohan (who had just been in some sort of trouble around the time of the interview) and mentioning that so many child stars go off the rails in later years.  Taylor’s response was so fantastic.  She respects her fans so much – and I remember her saying that she just couldn’t see herself doing stupid drunken activities the night before and then looking a ten-year-old in the face with her mother the next day while signing autographs and posing for pictures.  She knows she’s a role model, and she takes that role very seriously.  Today’s celebrities have to sell their persona as well as their art, and Taylor does that exceptionally well.  She’s just a class act.  And it’s a cool song.  Ok, so lastly, *hits next button on iPhone Music Player*
  6. S.O.B. – Lisa Marie Presley
    Oh perfect.  This song has been in my arsenal for YEARS.  It’s what I wake up to.
  7. See, I suffer from audio hallucinations.  I’ve mentioned this before – I’ll write a blog about this phenomenon when I’m done with the 30 Day Blogging Challenge.  Music, especially electronic tones, will not only get stuck in my head, I’ll actually hear it.  I have to constantly change my ringtone on my phone because of this.  I once got this awesome alarm clock that would play the Big Ben tones.  I had to get rid of it – I heard the tones all day.  Back in the days of clock radios, I would set my alarm to go off to the radio, and whatever song was on I would hear all day.
  8. I bought a nice little CD player/stereo combo when I first moved to St. Louis.  It had the ability to set the alarm to the CD player – but you couldn’t set the song, it would just start whatever CD was in there at track 1.  Playing with this feature, I set it to come on one morning, and I had Lisa Marie Presley’s new CD in there.  The first track is a song called S.O.B.  I woke up that morning, got ready for work, and halfway through the day realized I wasn’t singing that song.  I tried it the rest of the week, and discovered that particular song does not get stuck in my head
  9. Through the years, I’ve tried other alarm clocks, other alarm sounds, and other songs.  They all eventually become audio hallucinations.  I finally gave up and downloaded Lisa’s CD into my iPhone, and set that song to wake up to, and amazingly – it does not trigger an audio hallucination.  No idea why.  But I’m following the “If It Ain’t Broke Don’t Fix It” mentality here.


So there ya go.  Sorry I didn’t post this last week – I’ve been fighting a very painful salivary stone.  It’s still not out, but I found some clarity in the middle of the pain/loopy pain med cycle I’m currently suffering through to finish the blog to post this week.  See you at Day 21 – hopefully stone-free by that time.

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