Day 23 – A Family Member You Dislike

SERIOUSLY?!??!  Man, I picked a terrible 30 Day Blogging Challenge.  This is a horrible topic.  Who in the world would actually admit in a public forum who they dislike in their family?  That’s terrible!

I’m so going to google this and see who else has done it.

  • Ok, this one has crankiness in general about their entire family.
  • Wow – this one has hate and curse words directed AT the 30 Day Blogging Challenge . . . and further adds that she hates herself.  That’s depressing.
  • Huh.  This one actually posted who she dislikes and why.  Good enough reason, I think – but not so sure I’d post it publicly.  She’s also posted a shit-ton of bible quotes.  I’m just gonna back away slowly from any comments I might make about noticing correlations between uber-religious people and their propensity to spew mean things more easily.
    See what I did there?  Yup.  I know you did.
  • This one . . . oh wow.  I like the design of this blog.  Nice little graphic headers in blackboard format.  However, this person actually has the words, “tryna start some shyt” in the first sentence instead, of course . . . I’m not even going to put the correct verbiage here.


So I haven’t mentioned anything about family, but I’ve certainly took a few potshots at other bloggers.

Sherlock Insult


I actually (and honestly) like all of my family.  There are some who don’t like me, but I don’t lose any sleep over it.  I full well know it’s their problem, and not mine.

I do have an aunt and uncle (not the family members who I said above dislike me) who are always telling my parents what I post on Facebook, and then my parents get all cranky with me because OMG my LANGUAGE and can’t I post stuff on Facebook without using such colorful words . . . especially ones that start with “F?”


NO NO NO I am NOT telling my aunt and uncle to “fuck off.” (Aunt *** and Uncle *** if you read my blog, hello!  And thank you for stopping by.  Don’t bother to tell Mom and Dad what I wrote here, they don’t read my blog.)  I am simply posting a classy quote from a cool lady who is the age bracket of my parents and aunt and uncle, and if Dame Helen Mirren embraces it, I’m embracing it.

Seriously, “Dame” is the female equivalent of knighthood.  That’s all pretentious and elegant and stuff, and she embraces it.  I’ll bet Dame Judi Dench does too . . . hang on, lemme look . . .

Oh for the love of . . . Everytime Dame Judi Dench swears in a film, the BBFC gets complaints.  Why is “Frankly my dear, I don’t give a damn,” acceptable for a man to say, but a classy lady drops a swear word and people are offended?  This irritates the fuck out of me.

However . . .

Dame Judi Dench needlepoints swear words in her down time on movie sets.  OMG.  I love this news so much.  Also there’s this fantastic and quick-witted response as told by Roger Moore. . .

In an updated version of his book, Bond On Bond, Moore explains how the award-winning actress used her damehood after getting into a rant with a taxi driver during filming of 007.

According to Moore, the taxi almost knocked her over leading to her shouting at him.

The taxi driver reportedly pulled down his window and yelled: ‘Mind where you’re going, you stupid b****’.

Judi responded with: ‘It’s Dame b**** to you.’

I say, bravo Dame Judi, bravo Dame Helen, bravo all the women who use curse words in communication like sprinkles on cupcakes.  I love language and I love words, and I LOVE cursing.  I often say cursing is like audio punctuation.  There’s just something PUNCHY about it.

So to be perfectly clear . . .

I like all of my family.

Some of them don’t like me.

Some of them dislike my cursing.

These two groups of people are actually different people.

Cursing rules.

See you at Day 24.



  1. My post is the second post you linked up. Just to be clear. I was joking. I don’t hate myself. Curse words are the best words. ✌🏻️


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